Green Forests Work

Green Forests Work’s vision is to create a renewable and sustainable multi-use resource that will provide economic opportunities while enhancing the local and global environment. By converting reclaimed, non-native grasslands and shrublands into healthy, productive forestland, GFW is effectively addressing two needs of the region.

Our reforestation projects provide jobs for equipment operators, nursery workers, and tree planters, and improve the environment by eradicating exotic species and restoring ecosystem services. With the help of our partners and volunteers, this vision is quickly becoming a reality. Since 2009, we have planted more than 3 million trees on nearly 4,500 acres, but there are nearly one million acres left to reforest. 

Reforestation and Mined Lands Reclamation

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Reforestation is the re-establishment of a natural forest system on formerly mined lands or other deforested sites.
Reclamation and Enforcement, along with the U.S. Forest Service on projects helping with a targeted focus on reforesting land in Appalachia. The University of Kentucky is the lead academic institution as a key component of this collaborative effort.

To learn more about Reforestation initiatives provided by OSMRE and their partners, visit the links below:

To learn more about proper tree-planting techniques and many other key issues surrounding forestry reclamation, visit the links below:

  • ARRI Publications– documents published by the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative (ARRI), including newsletters, brochures, and a Teacher’s Guide.

  • Forestry Reclamation Advisories– documents published by several leading universities that explain the Forestry Reclamation Approach (FRA), the tree-planting technique advocated by OSMRE.

  • Market-Based Mine Land Reclamation: Reforesting Surface Mines– a marketing tool consisting of fact sheets that demonstrate the environmental, economic, and social benefits of forestry reclamation.

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